Why Should We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Computers? 

Why Should We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Computers? The “3 R’s” or hierarchy of waste management encourages Canadians to reduce, reuse and recycle before considering other options for waste management. We consider the “3 R’s” not only during the month of April, Earth month, but 365 days of the year as we work to enable digital equity for individuals across the country through our programs.

reBOOT Canada has been focused on computers, connections, and community and has been managing retired IT assets responsibly since 1995. As we continue to expand across the country, with the new reBOOT Canada location in Vancouver, BC, we build on our experience to remanufacture or responsibly recycle  donated computers in support of our core programs: reSTART/reSOURCE, reLAY and reTOOL. 


We are thankfully seeing Canadians reducing their household waste, and in particular reducing the amount of e-waste that they are producing each year. In 2021, computers, cellphones, and televisions were among the highest reported items being wasted, with 15% of households having computers to dispose of (Stats Canada). This could mean that we all are a little more mindful of what and how we consume things, as well as positive steps manufacturers have made in packaging and efficient design. Let’s keep this up!

We refurbish, repair and redeploy over 1,000 computers monitors, keyboards, cables, speakers and so forth in support our reSTART, reSOURCE, reLAY, and reTOOL programs. If you have a computer, laptop or accessory that you no longer need at home or at the office, consider making a donation as it can be put to great re-use for an individual or another organization in need.


The truth is not everything can be reused. When that’s the case, we need to responsibly recycle that device in order to separate the component materials and put back into the supply chain. Plastics, metals and minerals can be harvested from recycled products using sophisticated and sensitive technology. We are proud to work only with certified, local companies that specialize in electronic waste recycling. Our partner Quantum is R2 certified and has locations across the country.  Donations from the corporate and institutional community that are not viable for remanufacturing or redeployment are securely processed at one of Quantum’s state of the art facilities across Canada. reBOOT Canada, with our partner’s help, can support donors with logistics, audit and data security, at any volume, virtually anywhere in Canada. 

By doing your part as an individual or corporate donor, you can help reBOOT Canada continue to build our charitable programming and practice, as we work towards digital equity in Canada. Not only are you working to reduce, reuse and recycle, you are also helping make a difference in communities across the country to grant them the access to technology that they need. To make a donation, simply complete the form at www.rebootcanada.ca/donate and book your appointment. To learn more about reBOOT Canada and our various programs, please connect with us.