We need your donations of working new and used equipment.
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What Can You Donate?


(PC & MAC)

Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Tablets, Thin Clients, Pocket PC’s etc.

Display Devices

Monitors, TVs, Touchscreens etc.


No CRTs Please

Networking Equipment

Routers, Modems, Access Points, Repeaters, Switches, Hubs, Security Appliances etc.

Hardware & Peripherals

Hard Drives, RAM, Graphics Cards, KEyboard, Mice, Speakers, Webcams, Cables etc.

Telephony Equipment

Cellular Phones, Smartphones, VoIP Gear, Hands-free Devices, Answering Machines etc.

Portable Devices

Media Players, GPS Units, eReaders, Cameras, Flash Drives etc.

Audio / Video Equipment

Video Conference Gear, Media Projectors, Home Theatres, Stereo Receivers, Karaoke Machines etc.

Printer / Copiers

Inkjet / Laser /Impace / Multifunction, Unused Ink Cartridges / Toner, Imaging Drums etc.

Preparing Your Donation

Step 1

Consolidate your used items

  • Gather the items you wish to donate
  • Please note: We do not accept  personal hygiene- or medical devices, appliances or automotive parts
  • Back-up and/or erase your personal data from any computer, phone or tablet. reBOOT Canada is not liable for any data on donated devices.

Step 2

  • Place laptops, desktops, notebooks, monitors, cell phones, tablets, networking devices and gaming consoles in reusable shopping bags, plastic bins or cardboard boxes if practical

  • Disconnect any Apple devices from iCloud accounts
  • If you can, mark items like computers and tablets with your name and the date

Step 3

Complete the online donation form. Please provide as much information as you can

  • After you fill out the form, follow instructions on the website on how, where and when we can accept your donation.
    A tax-deductible receipt for the fair market value of your donation will be emailed to you within 90 days of our receiving your equipment

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