What Does Your Company Do with Retired IT Assets?

2022 so far has been another busy year for the team at reBOOT Canada, with over 1,000 requests for laptops and desktops from underserved Canadians this year, we rely heavily on corporate donations of retired IT assets to help us meet that need. Here is how your company’s donation can help those in need.

For many companies around this time of year, 2023 plans are often discussed and plotted out, and oftentimes, that could include discussions around office moves and updates including retiring IT assets such as laptops, computers, printers and display devices. In 2019, the total amount of e-waste reached 53.6 million metric tons globally, and this number is expected to continue to grow as technology continues to advance, and e-waste will become one of the of fastest growing waste streams in the world.  

As an organization you can avoid contributing to this statistic, and have a positive impact in your community by donating your retired and surplus IT assets to reBOOT Canada.  

Since 1995, reBOOT Canada has been diverting used electronics from landfills to communities across the country providing access to connections, education and job opportunities for underprivileged Canadians. Our practice is centered around accessibility to the internet, to devices for accessing the internet and to the skills for maintaining and supporting these tools.  

How do we do this? We do this through Technology Access and Skills Development Programs 

Technology Access Programs provide:   

Personal computers for people living with low-income as well as computers for community-facing organizations. The computers are: 

Fully refurbished 

Licensed Windows 


Computers are paid for either by the recipients on a cost-recovery basis or by a sponsor 

Skills Development Programs provide:  

Introduction to desktop support and customer service for barriered youth 

Paid placements, co-op and volunteer opportunities  

Exposure to broad range of small medium enterprise administrative competencies 

These programs are fueled by donations of retired IT assets, and hundreds of organizations and corporations have contributed to the success and growth of reBOOT Canada.  

With locations in downtown Toronto, downtown Peterborough and Brampton, frequent routine drop offs are quick and easy. For larger donations, we will coordinate through our exclusive logistic partners to accept any volume.   

If your business wants to make a positive impact within your community, lead on environmental stewardship and reclaim that storage space, donate your surplus IT equipment to reBOOT Canada. Connect with us to arrange your corporate donation today.