We Love Computers at reBOOT Canada

We love computers, so as a Valentine’s tradition of sorts, we like to share why. We used to run a special at the old reBOOT Peterborough store called ‘I <3 Computers’ – and we would have cinnamon hearts in a bowl on the counter. The free-for-all cinnamon hearts have sort of been replaced with the ever-present bottle of hand sanitizer, but I can still write a few words about why we love computers.

I like to write about this topic: The basic fascination with technology that inspires play, learning, education and innovation. In the past I have written about the geeks and nerds that have always been part of both reBOOT Canada’s staff, volunteer base and customer segment. I am certainly one of the nerds. This time I am taking it in a slightly other direction – we don’t have to love the technology, but if we are comfortable using it, it will provide good things for us.

reBOOT Canada deals with computer technology and we aim to help underserved communities gain access to more and better tools to help them in their lives. The computer or network access in this context are tools to help a group or individual. Most of the time, it is not technology for technology’s own sake, or technology because we like technology. I sometimes tell our institutional clients, tongue-in-cheek, that I cannot make them love their office computer, but I can assist in them not hating their office computer.

Making IT or computer problems a non-issue for organizations and individuals, has been a great driver in my professional life for years.

reBOOT Canada helps running an internet café in a community centre in a busy urban area. This place is used by people to communicate with family, friends and the government, to pay bills and other everyday tasks you would use your home computer for. The community centre also allows for using the computers for pure amusement – games, online or not, or watching puppy videos on YouTube. We can all use a little bit of YouTube time every now and then. Assisting someone so they can watch YouTube or a local hockey game (go Petes!) – is something I do love.

/Lars Verholt