Used Computers Give You More, For Less

Buying a computer is an important decision: depending on what you need your computer to do, it can be an expensive one, too. Whether you plan to use your PC to watch cat videos on YouTube, send emails to your Aunt Mimi in Fiji, or map the furthest reaches of our known universe, you want to ensure that you are making a sound investment. You want your purchase to serve you well for years to come. Before you run out and automatically buy your next computer ‘new’ from a big box store, first consider the practical benefits of buying a used computer from reBOOT Canada instead.


Buying a used computer can give you more bang for your buck. While the ‘consumer-class’ computer from the big box store may seem affordable, their plastic housing and lower-end components are not built-to-last. Compare that to the increased performance, and durability, of a comparably-priced used business-class model from reBOOT Canada, and you begin to appreciate their advantage. Why buy a new computer with an i3 processor, when a used computer can give you the performance of a more-powerful i7 processor, for less? Increase your RAM, or buy a bigger monitor and – with the money you’ll save – upgrade your hard drive to solid state for peak performance! Try that on your dime in a big box store, and see where it gets you.

Excellent Performance

Not only will the hardware on your used computer perform to spec, our registered software installations don’t include all the resource-gobbling bloatware that generally comes on new computers. Why bog down performance from the get-go? It just doesn’t make sense; and for those who insist on buying their computer ‘new’, consider how long it will be before your ‘new computer’ is a ‘used computer’? When that ‘new’ computer starts running slower than you remember it running (and you know that time will come, eventually), bring it in for a performance tune-up with the used computer experts at reBOOT Canada. You’ll be glad you did.

reBOOT Canada is a charity which, since 1995, has been refurbishing donated computer equipment to provide non-profits, and the public, with access to subsidized technology, free public Wi-Fi, and skills development training. reBOOT Canada is a registered Microsoft Refurbisher with retail stores in Toronto (Brick Works) and Peterborough, and a warehouse located in Mississauga.

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