Technology Access Programs

reBOOT Canada has been providing computers to those in need since our start in 1995. Ever since our first year, we have Technology Access Programs as a way to offer refurbished computers to individuals and other non-profit organizations. In recent years we have become involved with regional municipalities to distribute computers to families in need, especially around our home base in the Toronto area.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more important that families have access to not only reliable Internet but also reliable and affordable computers. Where a family only needed one maybe two computers before the pandemic, they may need 3 or 4 because everybody is doing their work from home. Students, job searchers, people living in isolation, people living far away from their families – they all need technology to stay connected.

reBOOT Canada’s own reSTART program is a way for individuals to apply for an affordable computer to use at home or school. We offer a fixed low price to cover our cost of refurbishing the computer and to warranty it, and installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 on it. You can learn more about our reSTART program at

If your company or organization would like to support reSTART and other Technology Access Programs, please consider donating your surplus computer equipment to us. Learn more at