reBOOT Canada Saves Technology

How are end of life IT assets managed where you work?

Retired IT assets can help vulnerable communities, support at-risk youth and accelerate job and education opportunities.   We’ve been diverting used electronics from landfill and finding a new uses for them for just over 25 years as a registered charity (CRA#89111 4943 RR0001) and we’ve had a front row seat to the great impact opening the door to access can have.

reBOOT Canada’s practice is centred on accessibility – to the internet, to devices for accessing the internet and to skills for maintaining, supporting and repairing those tools. Our programs fall into three buckets:

– reSTART/reSOURCE is low cost refurbished computers with licensed windows and office for people on social assistance and organizations in the not-for-profit sector.  We basically charge below market on the computers so that they are affordable low income individuals and nfp organizations. We work closely with Toronto Employment Services and many not for profits here in Toronto, Peterborough and across the country.

– reLAY: we purchase equipment, install, monitor and support a network of wireless access points in the Parkdale area. The initiative started in summer of 2016, this year we’re making arrangements to install an antennae on the roof of one of our partner’s buildings to extend the reach of the network. Today we work with Parkdale Community Legal Services, Parkdale Intercultural Association, Parkdale Community Information Centre and Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre to provide space, power and access for us. Here’s a story that ran when we first launched.

– Indigenous Youth Tool Kit: reaching out primarily to aboriginal youth in the GTA, Durham and Peterborough Kawartha regions, we partnered with Indigenous and Northern Affairs initially to build a program providing hands on training in personal computer hardware support, troubleshooting, hard disk sanitization, sales, retail and principles of small business. The participants in this program have helped and continue to help reBOOT Canada build its’ store presence at the Brick Works with the hope of matching revenues and profitability of our Peterborough location. Here’s a quick video from our culminating trip up to Timmins in March and a short video we produced ourselves.

We fund and support these activities by leveraging a network of donors and commercial infrastructure built out over 25 years of accepting donations of retired IT assets, refurbishing, redeploying and remarketing them. We have storefront locations in downtown Peterborough, the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto and warehouse and logistics resources through 3rd party partnerships based in Mississauga, we can accept any amount, from a single device to hundreds. We ensure all data security and will be growing our portfolio of services in the coming weeks, please check next month’s newsletter for further announcements.

If your organization is committed to making a positive impact on the community while running a thriving, secure and environmentally sound business, reBOOT Canada is a uniquely qualifies partner, built on a model of sustainable social enterprise that absorbs many of the usual operating expenses of a charitable organization, freeing up resources to invest in ambitious projects and grow. Your organization may have specific corporate social responsibility activities and mandates to execute on – reBOOT Canada can leverage your retired IT assets to support those initiatives.

How are end of life IT assets managed where you work? Ask the question, then contact me directly at