Reduce E-Waste Through Donations

At reBOOT Canada, we don’t want anyone left behind because they can’t afford a computer, through donations you can not only help bridge the technology gap but also reduce e-waste. We want the planet to be safe and healthy for every generation to come.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic more and more Canadians have been increasing their screen time as they have been working from home and remotely. This in turn has resulted in more Canadians spending more money on more technology.   

What is e-waste?  

Electronic waste (e-waste) is often considered any discarded device that uses batteries or requires an outlet to function.  

With competition rising among data driven businesses, the urgency for organizations to update their hardware has increased, along with the pressure to keep up with current advancements in smart appliances and connected devices. This rapid adoption means frequent update cycles that are often forced by software expiration, battery degradation and limitations on repair options, creating shorter life cycles which in turn produces more e-waste. It’s a vicious cycle that is putting immense pressure on our environment.  

What is the impact? 

Canada, the U.S., and the E.U are unfortunately the major contributors to the amount of e-waste that is produced every year. In 2017, Canada generated 638,300 tons of e-waste in 2017, and by 2025 all three countries are expected to generate 9.25 million tonnes of e-waste. The staggering stats continue, as the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that global e-waste will reach 74.7 million tonnes by 2030.  

The Good News 

It is evident that more Canadians are choosing to repair or donate their unwanted devices, and for us that means more donations and working to continually bridge the digital divide. At reBOOT Canada, we accept a variety of donations to help divert electronics from landfills, these items include computers (PC & MAC), tablets, display devices, networking equipment, hardware including mice and keyboards, and cellphones. This is only a short list of items that we accept, please visit our website for the comprehensive list.   

What Can You Do? 

When it comes to e-waste, it will take tougher government regulations to really make change, but you can make a difference here at home through these easy and accessible steps.  

  1. When it comes to purchasing a new device- choose between “needs” vs “wants.”  
  1. Take care of your devices to ensure that they last longer. Have them serviced on a regular basis.  
  1. When shopping for a new device, consider environmentally friendly certifications like Energy Star that promote sustainability. 
  1. Do you have a laptop, desktop or monitor less than 10 years old? Make a donation to reBOOT Canada. Making a donation is easy, and we guide you through the process every step of the way. 

As we look ahead to a new year, we are optimistic that we will continue to divert technology from landfills across the country, all while fulfilling our mission to bridge the digital divide that exists in this country through your personal and corporate donations. Visit our website for more information on how you can contribute to our efforts.