reCONNECT was introduced in May 2008, with the mandate to:

  • Advance computer literacy among Canadian seniors, and
  • Connect Canadian seniors with their family, friends, and the community at large

This was accomplished by providing full service computer centres to long-term care facilities and community senior centres at no cost, through generous corporate sponsorship.

reCONNECT centres help seniors to:

  • Bank online
  • File their taxes online
  • Continue their education
  • Keep up-to-date with world events
  • Access general information
  • Communicate with family and friends

reCONNECT is a tool for many to maintain their independence and give them the confidence and information they need to continue being active in their communities.

For 2015, we’re launching an initiative to update all of our reCONNECT partners across Canada, refreshing equipment and software and providing ongoing support. Our goal is to have the equipment updated by summer 2015 and have a sustainable support model in place by 2018 so the sites can maintain themselves at their own pace going forward minimizing interruptions to service for residents and end users.

If you are a facility with an existing reCONNECT computer centre or if you are a long term care facility (or run programming for seniors through a community centre) and are interested in becoming a reCONNECT centre, please reach out directly to Francisco Rota, Executive Director at franciscorota@rebootcanada.

Along with help from the corporate community, your continued support through these hardware donations will help fund this important work, and the value of your pick-up or drop-off can be more than doubled by a cash donation as low as $15. Click here to help seniors maintain vital and healthy connections with their communities. Our donors and sponsors are leaders in their community, acting on the values of responsible, sustainable progress, stewardship of the environment, inclusiveness and access.  We sincerely appreciate your support.