The Right reSTART Computer for You


How do I know which reSTART computer fits me?


This is an excellent question. A good fit depends on a combination of your digital skill level, the activities you plan to use the computer for, where you will use the computer, and any health challenges that may affect how you use the computer.


STEP 1: PORTABILITY Desktop Laptop
Where to use it Desk or table only Anywhere
Hard drive storage included Up to 480GB solid state drive Up to 240GB solid state drive
Screen size 20″ standard / 21″ premium 13″ to 15″
Good for accessibility devices like large monitors, special keyboards, etc. Yes No


STEP 2: POWER Standard Premium
Your skill level using computers Beginner Intermediate +
How many programs you use at the same time 1 or 2 3 or more
Good for large software like video editing or professional accounting No Yes