Gr.8 Student Supports reBOOT Canada

Last month, we were pleasantly surprised to see that we had received a donation from
Kieran, a grade 8 student from Eastern Passage Jr. Highschool in Halifax, NS. Kieran raised
$270.05 by selling ice cream on his lunch break. This initiative was part of a Social Studies
Action Plan Project. We spoke with Kieran to get further information about the initiative,
and how he came to learn about reBOOT Canada and what we do.

Question 1: Kieran, tell us more about the Social Studies Action Plan Project and what was

We needed to make an action plan with a clear goal and to put it into action. It was a very
fun project and my classmates also had some very good ideas for their projects as well, such
as, garbage pickup, bake sale, candy guessing game, etc. My Mom actually helped me come
up with idea for the ice cream sale, I was going to do a bake sale but it was getting hotter
out and I really suck at baking, so this was great idea for the project

Question 2: How did you hear about reBOOT Canada? What inspired you to make a

I was researching for the project and when I saw this organization, I knew it was perfect, and
it really was. My project was great, and I got to help my community while doing it! I knew
the money raised would help so I had to donate.

Question 3: What was the reaction to your project and the funds that you raised?

I was surprised that the sale made as much as it did, and it really was a hit! I picked a hot
Friday, and I sold 12 Liters of ice cream to most of the 7th and 8th grade! The line was long
all the way until the end of lunch, and it was great.

Question 4: Now that school is finished what does the Summer have in store for you?

Mostly spending time with family and traveling. I’m in Cape Breton for the month while
writing this and at the end of the month, my dad will take me and my sister on a road trip to
Newfoundland, Quebec, and Ontario, where he lives. I’m going to see my grandparents in
Newfoundland, who I haven’t seen since the pandemic started. It’s a big summer for me and
I’m very excited to see my dad and grandparents.

Question 5: As you look to the future, do you have your sights set on a particular career?

There’s still lots of time to decide, but I think I would like to become a teacher like my
grandfather back in the day. He was always good with kids, and I really look up to him. He
was diagnosed with dementia 4 years ago and he is not doing the best, but I think he would
be proud of me.

Francisco Rota, Executive Director of reBOOT Canada says, “We’re so grateful for and
humbled by Kieran’s initiative and leadership and the support of his class. Over the last
three years, students have been particularly hard hit by issues of access to technology and
this is just a great way to share that concern, do something about it and have fun. Thank
you, Kieran!”

We are proud to see young people across Canada take action to bring awareness and
support the needs of underserved communities and individuals from coast to coast.