Talking Financial Literacy with the Friendly Financial Coach


Talking Financial Literacy with the Friendly Financial Coach

We recently had the pleasure of being part of a podcast hosted by Matt Siwiec, the Friendly Financial Coach at the excellent Toronto Public Reference Library in October. Thanks very much James Desmoulin, a frequent contributor of good counsel and advice to reBOOT Canada, for inviting us!

Usually when people think about reBOOT Canada, they see stacks of laptops, shelves of monitors, and teams of co-op students, volunteers and paid placement interns testing and refurbishing these units. One thing that we really want to share with everyone who walks through our door for skills development and training is the financial model for reBOOT Canada – how those stacks of donated computers and monitors turn into inventory that gets monetized and fuels all of our charitable programs, like reSTART, reLAY and Youth Tool Kit. With that, we want to make financial literacy a part of the conversation. Our hope is that folks can take the model and some of that information and apply it to other situations they come across – including their own financial situation.

Hope you enjoy – tweet us to let us know what you think!

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