2023 Year in Review

reBOOT Canada End-of-Year Review – Movement, Growth, and Impact

In the shadow of the threats and conflicts on practically every continent, we continue to draw hope from our clients, donors, staff, and volunteers at reBOOT Canada in the spaces where we can have impact. In this context we reflect on the growth, transition, and resilient community of reBOOT Canada:


In April, we were delighted and proud to welcome Hsing-Lei (Steve) Lee and Mike Frost to our dedicated team, based at our new Vancouver office on Powell St. Alumni of Free Geek Vancouver, after a process that began in summer 2022, Steve was instrumental in securing the space and permits required to launch reBOOT Canada in Vancouver. In a very short time, they have been able to bring computers and digital equity to residents of Vancouver and Western Canada more broadly and have supported multiple aligned agencies and organizations such as BC Women in the Trades, The Gathering Place community centre, and SPEC (The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation). They also represented reBOOT Canada and collected almost 5,000 pounds of electronic waste at monthly City of Vancouver recycling drives. We’re a bigger and better team with them and we appreciate the support of the City of Vancouver and look forward to serving the needs of the community. In combination with our work Toronto and Peterborough and staff in Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg and Ugpi’ganjig. We are inarguably in a better position to say reBOOT Canada works for all of Canada.

We also thank the exceptional executive director of Free Geek Vancouver, Catarina Moreno, and board chair David Lloyd and director Phil Mundy, for their guidance and gracious assistance starting up in Vancouver.

More recently, we’re pleased to welcome Krish Saha to our Toronto office. After a brief but exceptional career as a co-op student, Krish has successfully and very effectively transitioned into a paid-placement role. He has proven to be a quick study and comes with deep technical knowledge, and we are looking forward to growing our Toronto location with his help.


Speaking of transition, in July we completed our relocation from the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto to our new office at 1633 Eglinton Avenue West. While we are yet undergoing some renovations (it is Eglinton Ave, after all), we appreciate our donors’ and clients’ understanding and thank them for adapting to our new location and adapting to some adjustments to how we’re handling donations as a result (www.rebootcanada.ca/donate). When complete, these renovations will provide a more donor and client-friendly experience, offering increased flexibility. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to enhance our services.

Community Impact:

In the midst of this growth and these transitions, we make note of our significant contributions to the community:

  • Distribution of 690 computers to low-income families.
  • Support for over 4 TB of free Wi-Fi data.
  • Provision of over 4,000 hours of paid placements for vulnerable youth and adults.

Volunteer and Community Contributions

Our journey was made smoother by the generosity and support extended to us by the community. We express our deepest gratitude to volunteers from Lenovo, Blue Ant Media, Aaron Lane, Seung-won Lee, John Stratton, and Kevin Cao. Their time, skills, and care have been instrumental in addressing critical gaps.

Donor Support and Adaptability

Our success this year was not only marked by physical transitions but also by the support and adaptability of our donors. We are immensely thankful for their willingness to follow us to new locations and embrace our refined donation processes. Personal interactions with donors at the Toronto store on Wednesdays have been a highlight, displaying their genuine concern for the environment and commitment to helping those facing barriers to education, employment, and community connection.

Board of Directors

As we look forward to 2024, a pivotal year in our revised operating model, we extend our appreciation to the board of directors for their oversight and operational guidance. Special thanks to Colin Webster, Kevin Doyle, Dr. Michael Bumby, Arthur Kennedy, and Nicholas Brinckman for their engagement and persistent commitment to reBOOT Canada.

Looking Ahead to 2024

For the next 12 months, our attention will be on optimizing our reSTART program processes, increasing access to the program in Western Canada and making improvements to our in-store experience for clients as well as donors. With the support of cyber security leader Okta (www.okta.com) and the Tides foundation, we will be initiating a project to bring multi-channel personalized computer support and help to low-income families across the country. Working with the support of AbbVie Pharmaceuticals (www.abbvie.ca) to explore ways to ensure the infrastructure to help patients stay informed and communicate with caregivers is robust and accessible, anywhere in Canada, at any income level. We’re also looking forward to more collaborations with the Cisco Foundation, our equipment sponsor for the Community reLAY program, and Avanade, who has helped to develop a multi-year program to support digital equity through community organizations in every province.

We are also looking forward to our continued collaboration with Quantum Lifecycle Partners (www.quantumlifecycle.com) and working with their team to provide secure and efficient transportation and logistics support to our corporate and institutional donors.

In conclusion, we acknowledge that organizations like reBOOT Canada are built and led on a shared set of values, shared belief in the value of the work and the shared burden between donor, the charity, and the clients. We are grateful for the partnerships, collaborations, and support that have defined our journey this year. The collective efforts of our team, volunteers, donors, and board members have positioned reBOOT Canada for continued success and impact.

Wishing you joy this holiday season and a prosperous and peaceful 2024.


reBOOT Canada