2019 – A Year in Review

With the start of a new decade on the horizon, we want to thank our donors, clients, partners in business, suppliers, staff, volunteers and board members. Together we’re making a difference by providing the tools for all Canadians to create their own new opportunities, improved prospects and better lives. This past year, we’ve:

  1. provided computers to over 380 households that rely on social assistance
  2. connected over 4,500 residents in low income neighbourhoods with internet access
  3. provided over 4,600 hours of paid placement and skills development to marginalized youth and adults facing barriers to employment.
  4. worked exclusively with R2, ISO and EPRA certified local logistics and recycling processors to divert over 58 tons (120,000 lbs) of retired IT assets and electronic waste, providing CRA compliant documentation and helping grow a circular economy around end of life IT assets

In 2020, your company or organization’s unwanted computers, monitors, network and storage can still have the power to make a difference to thousands of Canadians. We’re proud of our donors, coming from the worlds of finance, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, airlines, media and marketing, municipal, provincial governments and agencies, demonstrating their support multiple times annually by including reBOOT Canada in their IT asset disposition (ITAD) planning. We coordinate the logistics, minimize disruption to your organization and provide a detailed report of total items donated. After 25 years, we’ve simplified the process, which begins with completing this simple form, emailing pickup@rebootcanada.ca or calling 416 534 6017 x1. You can also support reBOOT Canada’s activities directly with a cash donation, through this Canada Helps link.

Your ongoing support helps us continue our skills development and employability work with indigenous youth. We were fortunate to collaborate with Right to Play Canada on an initiative that stood out for all of us here at reBOOT Canada. With additional support from Indigenous Services Canada, introductions to the Right to Play community through their annual symposium events in Simcoe and Haliburton culminated in reBOOT Canada visits to the extraordinarily beautiful communities of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg (Pic River First Nation) and Chimnissing (Beausoleil First Nation). We’re grateful for the chance to work with them and hope to continue to build on our experience together.

On the topic of building on experience, with the additional support of Indigenous Services Canada, we’ve begun work on a joint venture in Biigtigong, leveraging reBOOT Canada capacity, infrastructure and experience and partnering with the community to establish a pilot reBOOT Canada facility there. We look forward to sharing updates on that work in in the new year.

Advances in technology present astonishing opportunities as well as serious risks. As we all learn to navigate an increasingly complex world, it’s our hope that in the decades ahead, we can get to the vital work required to rehabilitate our environment, make economies circular by design and give every Canadian the chance to live well, mindful of the mark we leave behind. With your ongoing support, we hope to make reBOOT Canada an agent and resource to help individuals and organizations meet that challenge for years to come.

On behalf of the reBOOT Canada Team, best of the season and best wishes for 2020!