Congratulations! You are here because you qualify for a computer. reBOOT Canada is happy to provide you with this computer in collaboration with the Region of Peel.

Here is how we are going to get you a computer:

  • Obtain your 8 digit referral number from your Peel Region staff member (since you are reading these instructions, you probably have this already)
  • Complete the online form below
  • reBOOT Canada will contact you within 4 business days to schedule a good time for you to pick up your computer.
  • You pick up the computer on the day and time scheduled.

Please fill in the form below to help us schedule a date and time where you can pick up the computer. By providing your contact information and letting us know which computer you want, you are helping reBOOT Canada to get the right computer to you faster.
If you need help filling in this form you may call for assistance at 416 534 6017 Mon-Fri from 9:30AM to 4:30PM, excluding holidays.
You already qualify for a computer. The form below is just a tool to help us get the right computer ready for you at the right time.

Please note, you must bring your 8 digit referral number issued to you by your Peel Region staff member and a valid id. Please also bring a large reusable shopping bag, knapsack or laptop bag to carry your new computer.

When do I go?

For the benefit of all participants, you will only be served at the date and time arranged with you by reBOOT Canada. No computer will be released without reBOOT Canada staff authorisation.

Any other questions?

Please call us at 416 534 6017 Mon-Fri from 9:30AM to 4:30PM, excluding holidays, or email

Please note:
Any personal information collected through this web form will only be used to assist reBOOT Canada in providing you with your computer. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone outside reBOOT Canada without your explicit consent.

  • Enter your phone number including the area code.